Founder | Pili Wu  吳孝儒

PiliWu-Design,原由吳孝儒/PiliWu所創立的個人設計工作室,目標希望立足台灣,發揚台灣於東方現代設計的發言權。長期關注於台灣家居風格產業發展,2009 - 2013年間因作品具強烈的台式風格,長年受邀參與米蘭國際設計展,更連續兩年進入了米蘭設計三年展中心展出,除了米蘭之外,2012國際設計之都赫爾辛基設計博物館邀展與紐約、京都、科隆、巴黎、北京、香港、杜拜等地展出,也因此獲得香港ilivetomorrow藝廊、北京五號藝廊、丹麥Lyngby porcelain百年陶瓷廠與台灣漢思藝廊、陶作坊、JIA inc品家、乾唐軒、春池玻璃、點點善、WHotel...等的賞識,進行合作生產銷售設計作品。  

PiliWu-Design is a design studio founded by Pili Wu in Taiwan with the aim of enhancing the Taiwanese design visibility in the Asia market. From 2009 to 2013, due to the strong Taiwanese characteristic that his works carry, Pili had been continuously invited to the Milan Design Week and his works were included into the La Triennale di Milano for two consecutive years. Besides Milan, the participation in the 2012 World Design Capital exhibition hosted by Helsinki Design Museum “DesignWorld” which toured around New York, Kyoto, Cologne, Paris, Beijing, Hong Kong and Dubai lead to collaborative opportunities with Hong Kong’s design gallery ILiveTomorrow, Lyngby Porcelain from Denmark, Beijing’s WUHAO Gallery and numerous Taiwan based companies such as Han Gallery, Lin’s Ceramics Studio, JIA Inc, ACERA, Spring Pool Glass, agoood, W Hotel and etc., leading to such joint design products. 

From "WU" to "UUU"

Since 2013, as a result of growing business demands, the original personal studio PiliWu-Design transformed into PiliWu Design Associates. Henceforth, the range of services expanded to brand integration, package design, product and furniture design, curation and etc.; giving traditional industries and local businesses professional consultancy by bringing together a diverse design perspective. Our value lies within providing businesses new marketing strategies and creating blue oceans through proper design planning and tactics. We hold strong belief in ‘designing locally’, the pursuit is not about a single event in history, but the wisdom and attitude a whole community demonstrate. Cultural and Creative Industry is not merely about telling nostalgic stories, but more of a contemporary approach to connect cultural threads with everyday life.




• Yii國家工藝時尚計畫合作團隊 (2009-11)

• 台灣創意設計中心D-Team顧問群 (2014-)

•中國ELLE DECO 獲選亞洲新銳設計師 (2011)

• La Vie magazine -台灣百大創意接班人 (2012)

• AD collector - the best design 2012 - THE TRENDS (2012)

• ShoppingDesign - Taiwan Design Best 100 (2016)

• La Vie magazine -台灣創意力100 (2017)

2008 提名於德國科隆設計獎Kölner Design Preis / Kölner Design Preis – Nominate

2009 學學設計獎 首獎 / Xue Xue award – First Prize

2011 香港Ilivetomorrow藝廊舉辦個展-Industrial Craft / “Industrial Craft ” solo Exhibition@ ILIVETOMORROW gallery

2012 獲選為美國指標性蒐藏家雜誌 AD collector – The Best Design of 2012

2013 提名於日本東京設計師週Asia Award / TOKYO DESIGN WEEK - ASIA AWARD - Nominate

2014 入選 日本Good Design Award大獎 / Good Design Award (Japan)

2015 與陶作坊團隊合作TeaParty計畫獲選德國IF design Award及香港Design For Asia Culture Award

2016 入選 台灣金點設計獎 / Golden Pin Award 

2016 獲得 台北設計獎 金賞 / Taipei International Design Award - Golden Award

2017 臺灣文博會 Taiwan Creative Expo 主題館 / 我們在文化裡爆炸 合作策展

2018 策劃 台灣設計館 / 日日器 - Shape Of Taiwanese Living at Taiwan Design Museum 

2018 獲得 金點設計獎年度特別獎-綠色設計/ Golden Pin Award- Special Annual Award -Green Design


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