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COOKMANIA 是由一群志同道合的廚師、餐飲業者、供應商、美食作家等飲食界人士組成。為促進台灣餐飲生態的交流與資源分享,並以吸引更多理念良善的夥伴、傳遞美好為願景,每年都齊聚討論重要的飲食議題。

在2018年以「A Better Meal」為主題(以下簡稱ABM),於華山舉辦了一場為期兩天的餐飲盛會。



除了為視覺帶入活力、愉快的印象之外,也藉由其外觀連結「Cheering」意象,表現A Better Meal各展區高呼的訴求及各界支持參與的熱忱與力量。

COOKMANIA is formed by a group of like-minded culinarians, caterers, foodjournalists and more; every year discussions on culinary topics are put forwardfor the purpose of boosting the communication and resource sharing withinTaiwan, hence bringing together more allies with shared values to pass outthese wonderful beliefs.

In2018, a two-day culinary exhibition ABetter Meal was held in Huashan1914 Creative Park.

Correspondingto the culinary status of COOKMANIA,the whole exhibition is run through by the image of a chef’s hand and definedby the hand gesture of “OK”. The circle formed by the index finger and thumbimplies a sustainable cycle and the idea of zero waste, while the rest of thefingers remain in an upright position, each representing the pavilion themes:“zero waste”, “preservation” and “sustainability”.

Thekey vision of the exhibition integrated the commonly seen foam hands used forparaphernalia purpose in sports events, in order to bring forth the image ofpumping up the atmosphere and public participation. As for the logotype, thetwo-way distorted perspective brings out the dynamic aura of encouraging thepublic to participate in the movement.

Apart from the joyful and enthusiasticimpression of the visual elements, the perception of “Cheering” also cohereswith the design, thus embodying the image that A Better Meal tries to promote to the public in each pavilion andthe vigorous support from all walks of life.


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