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Hsinchu International Glass Art Festival “LightDriving”- Upgrade “143”


什麼是台灣乾杯的單位? 答案是「143」
它的起源是在1940年代,因應戰爭物資短缺而推出的一種經濟杯型,一瓶啤酒可倒成六杯來分享。多年來143深入常民生活,成為人們婚喪喜慶中「乾杯的單位」。 榮幸受 格式 InFormatDesign Curating邀請,參與一年一度的新竹玻璃設計藝術節,與新竹在地回收玻璃產業春池玻璃Spring Pool Glass聯手,將循環經濟與常民生活結合,以143為基礎,為今年主題展,延伸「升級143計畫」與「折射城隍廟 - 小吃計畫」。
升級143 計畫 三款全新的容器分別為碗形的143-2、盤子的143-2C以及杯子143-3。即使各自的功能不盡相同,但我們卻可以從它們身上共同窺見143種種簡單而粗獷的經典元素:厚實的底面,由厚到薄的杯壁以及圓滑的杯緣。因此即使形狀大小有著巨大的變化,但還是能給予人熟悉的印象。在容量的部分,這些容器剛好是143的倍數。143-2的容量是143的兩倍,適合用來盛裝各種小菜與漬物,搭配密封蓋後可以用來存放容易變質的食材;同樣為兩倍容量的143-2C則可以盛裝各式菜餚及水果。143-3則是三倍的容量,可以剛好將一瓶啤酒分裝成兩杯。即使時代已經不像當年物資匱乏,但我們希望能全新的143系列能夠將台灣人樂於分享的精神繼續傳承下去。

折射城隍廟 - 小吃計畫|傳統文化的當代透視


Hsinchu’s unit of measurementUpgrade 143

What is the standardbottoms-up unit in Taiwan? The answer will be 143ml.

143 glassesare the most commonly seen glassware that can be easily found in local dinersand festive occasions. This glassware’s origin started back in the 1940s, as ameasure for the shortage in supplies. The small volume of the glass enables onesingle bottle of beer to be divided into six glasses. Over the years, the 143glass has become a crucial part of the Taiwan public, thus becoming the unit oftoasting, in which Taiwanese refer to as Ganbei (dry cup); frequently practicedin all kinds of celebrations and occasions. Honored to be invited by InFormat Design Curating, we participatedin the annual Hsinchu International Glass Art Festival of 2018. Incollaboration with the Hsinchu local glass recycler Spring Pool Glass, we incorporated the value of circular economywith local lifestyle, initiating from the 143 beer glass, we came about with Upgrade 143 and Refraction of Cheng Huang Temple- Street Food Project for thisyear’s exhibition theme.

Upgrade 143 a series of brand new glassware including 143-2 (bowl), 143-2C (plate) and 143-3(tumbler). Each of them with varying forms and plays different roles in thedining process, yet the simplicity and unpolished finishing of the classic143glass can be easily found among the entire series: the hefty base, the taperedwall thickness, and the rounded rim; hence conveying the nostalgic impressionthe audience. In terms of volume, the whole series comes in the multiplicationof 143ml. The 143-2 is twice thevolume of the 143 glass, it is suitable for side dishes and pickled food.Moreover, when paired with corresponding lids, it provides airtight storage forfoods. The 143-2C that is also twicethe volume of 143 glass, on the other hand, works perfectly with all kinds ofdishes or fruits. As for the 143-3,it is triple the volume of the original 143ml, accurately dividing a bottle ofbeer into two portions. Since we no longer bear the deficiency back when the143ml beer glass served a economizing purpose, we aspire to deliver the sharingspirit of Taiwanese people through our new interpretation of the 143 beerglass.     

Refraction of Cheng Huang Temple- Street Food ProjectTraditions from a contemporary perspective

In Taiwan, where folk religions prosper, a commercial district forms and surrounds each temple on this island. People have been gathering to these districts for religious activities thus initiating the development of our so-called temple culture.

The Hsinchu Cheng Huang temple is the largest city god temple in Taiwan, of which the nearby snacks and street food have grown to be one of Hsinchu’s most renowned attractions. The most beloved delicacies of Hsinchu are Taiwanese meatball (ba wan); fried rice noodles; meatball soup; the braised pork rice (lo ba bung); Taiwanese wrap (popiah); squid pottage soup (you yu geng tang) and grass jelly and such.

These food vendors that hold a history of at least half a century surround the Hsinchu Cheng Huang temple layer by layer, accomplishing the must-visit savory kernel of this city. In this project, we transformed the street signs and trademarks of these vendors into print patterns for the 143 series glassware, through the gaps between lights and shadows; we see the scenes of the temple’s street food culture. 

2018 新竹市玻璃設計藝術節


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