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2019 Shopping Design|Best 100 獎座設計

POWER of DESIGN - 2019 設計力的100個關鍵字



Best 100 獎座設計概念|

「能力越大,責任越大。」 是電影蜘蛛人的經典台詞。
2019 SDA Award 以「設計力關鍵字」為年度主題,並以關鍵字/Hashtag為造型基礎,轉化力量/Power為獎座的重量,讓每一位獲得此項殊榮的代表人,在得獎的同時舉起實心的鑄鐵獎盃,成為100個年度的關鍵力量!
純粹不上面漆的鑄鐵獎座,由台灣鑄鐵產業龍頭 - 勤美集團支持製作,突破以往獎座遠不可親的精緻完美,以回收金屬重新灌鑄而成,隨著時間環境的變化自然鏽蝕,也代表著此項殊榮於時代所承載的意義及時間性。

POWER of DESIGN - 100 keywords for the design of 2019

The island of Taiwan is brimming with design energy. Year after year, not only have we uncovered design in the designer circle but also came up with new visions for design by collaborating with various professional fields. What changes can “design power” bring forth? What influences can it deliver? Where can it take us?
Since last year, design has brought forth many changes and allowed comprehensive, bold, multifaceted breakthroughs. Each incident and individual mentioned are keywords in the design of that year.


Best 100 Trophy Design concept|

“With great power, comes great responsibility” is a classic quote from the movie Spiderman.
The annual theme for the 2019 SDA Award is “design keyword.” The fundamental design concept is centered on the hashtag (#) symbol, while the concept of “power” is translated into the trophy. The design conveys the hope that each recipient of the metal award will become sources of design energy.
The metal trophy, which is designed without any finish paint, is manufactured by CMP Group, the leading corporation in the metal industry of Taiwan. The design breaks free from the previous remoteness, perfections, and cold impressions of trophies and manufactures a trophy using recycled metal. The metal goes through natural rust erosions with changes in time and surroundings, which is also a metaphor for the perpetuating significance of the award.


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