2022年「新竹市玻璃設計藝術節-透明大百科」一展透過科普知識,以玻璃分子(SiO2 二氧化矽)作為最小單位,將玻璃的六種物理特性作為百科索引,輻射出近代玻璃存在於我們生活中的樣貌百態,並以擬人化語言、更為貼近的視角,從中了解玻璃是可循環再利用的材料,且能夠分解與再次重組,既有利環境永續發展,更吻合當代減碳生活。

From the knowledge of popular science to the big world in life,go throughthe spectrum of glass.

The 2022 "Hsinchu City Glass Art and Design Festival: Glasspedia" examined glass through scientific knowledge. Taking the glass molecule as the basic unit, the festival highlighted the various ways glass touches our modern lives through a more approachable perspective. This knowledge underscores glass’ contribution to environmental sustainability and the mission to minimize carbon emissions.



•  活動視覺


The primary visual elements of the event utilized light blue tones and soft curves to emulate the clarity and transparency of glass. The gradation conveys the motion of wind and air, while tiny, precise interconnected dots depicted silica sand “SiO2,” slowly constructed into three-dimensional glass objects. This setup gave a dynamic sense of leafing through an encyclopedia, transforming the rigid chemical symbol into a common element in our daily lives. It encouraged visitors to rediscover the “presence of transparency in life.”


•  動態視覺

各場域視覺主題代表,皆取自要傳達給觀眾的意涵,展示生活裡不同玻璃的型態:主展館GLASSPEDIA以「143玻璃杯」象徵熟悉的玻璃日常,從多方位視角展示透明文化;特展館GLASS MUSEUM 以「玻璃花瓶」象徵玻璃的精緻與高度;假日市集GLASS EXPO使用在現場所有市集攤位都會掛上的「玻璃風鈴」為主題,藉以追求生活中輕透與涼爽的感受;藝術裝置GLASS GARDEN則以「玻璃窗花」呼應藝術裝置形象,當燈火閃耀,忽明忽暗的玻璃光動,宛如一場煙花綻放。

The visual theme of each area featured the message that the exhibition wished to convey to visitors, showcasing the different forms of glass in everyday life: The “143 glass cup” symbols the familiar presence of glass in our lives and presents a multi-faceted display of transparency. The “glass vase” symbolized the exquisiteness and elevated state of glass. The “glass orchid sculpture” manifested the pursuits of skill and art. Centered around the theme of “glass wind chimes,” a feature found at every stall in the market, the event aims to infuse a sense of airiness and freshness into everyday life. “Patterned glass” echoed the idea of art installations, creating effects like fireworks under the changing play of light. 



 •  分區地圖


The “transparency” of glass was showcased across two main exhibition venues, interactive decorations, and a weekend glass market. These avenues guided visitors towards a renewed understanding of glass’s versatile qualities, the long-standing glass industry, and the “encyclopedia” of diverse crafts, all explored through accessible scientific knowledge and real-life applications. The exhibition drew in over 68,000 visitors, consolidating Hsinchu's status as a hub for glass craft and design. Through collaboration with 77 local stores, the weekend market used glass coins and reusable glass containers, mirroring the theme of circular economy and reinforcing locals' confidence and identification, rekindling the connection between glass and modern living.




•  透明大百科 展區地圖


•  主展館 Theme | 透明大百科 GLASSPEDIA

分區策展團隊:無氏製作 × 彡苗空間實驗 seed spacelab co.




With its physical properties as the index, it radiates the various appearances of the modern glass in our lives.

Through the personified language and the intimate perspectives, the exhibition unveils to us the glass properties we thought we have seen yet failed to see through, guiding the visitors to read the possibilities of glass in variety.

•  移山計劃 The mountain-moving project 


Each form and design of glass can be recycled and reproduced through the smallest molecule of glass, SiO2. The exhibition's central installation, the “mountain-moving project,” placed silica sand and the elements of glass at its heart, introducing the concept of “sustainability” through a mountainous display made from nearly 20 tons of recycled glass, thus exploring new exhibition possibilities. Through various designs, the exhibit extended to include different brands while inspiring sustainable possibilities of new urban culture.



The index’s structure guided visitors in analyzing the characteristics and uses of seven common glass materials through a flavor wheel layout, illustrating the diverse roles of glass in modern life using scientific knowledge.

This setup prompted visitors to reappreciate the presence of glass in their lives, shifting from an abstract concept to a tangible reality.


Visitors could enter the exhibition number into the official LINE account and listen to the personified language of glass, adopting a more personal perspective when approaching the knowledge of glass, or enter the exhibit number to access information about specific works, creating their own personalized experience.


• 假日市集 Weekend market  | 透明市集 GLASS EXPO

分區策展團隊:W春池計畫 / W Glass Project × 或者工藝櫥窗




The festive expo of glass includes the shops, dishes, and selected items.

“GLASS EXPO” centered around the theme of glass and interweaved Hsinchu's local travel with regional stores, gathering craft, design, and food brands into the market. By inserting the concept of being friendly toward the environment, the event invited participants to bring their own dining utensils or to rent reusable glass containers on site to echo the message of the event while reducing its environmental impact.



•  特展館 Special exhibition | 透明博物館 GLASS MUSEUM

分區策展團隊:Taiwan Designers'Web (台灣設計師連線) × 彡苗空間實驗 seed spacelab co.




It is an exhibition of industrial initiative that holds the past and the present and explores the future.

“GLASS MUSEUM” broke free from the simple feature of crafts in previous displays and centered the curation on the production “process” of glass to spark fresh insights into the craft. By framing the narrative in terms of the past, present, and future, the narrative allowed visitors to reexamine how the craft of glass is integrated into modern lifestyles, its influence on the spirit of the times, and the pursuit of craftsmanship and skills. 



•  互動裝置 Interactive installations | 透明苑 GLASS GARDEN

分區策展團隊:偶然設計Serendipity Studio × Peppercorns 黑川互動媒體藝術




Tech art interactive installations of promoting the new way art of glass making.

Visitors to use their mobile phones to access a specific interface and mimic glass-blowing by blowing into their phones.Once they completed the process, they could make a wish on their phones, influencing the light and shadow transformations within the art piece, creating a personalized display of luminous glass reflecting their hopes.


•  視覺衍生物






執行單位|無氏製作、偶然設計Serendipity Studio


◌ 總策展團隊



空間總統籌|彡苗空間實驗 seed spacelab co.

總策展顧問|吳庭安 春池玻璃

◌ 分區策展團隊

透明大百科|無氏製作 X 彡苗空間實驗 seed spacelab co.

透明博物館|Taiwan Designers'Web (台灣設計師連線)  X 彡苗空間實驗 seed spacelab co.

透明市集|W春池計畫 / W Glass Project X 或者工藝櫥窗

透明苑|偶然設計Serendipity Studio X Peppercorns 黑川互動媒體藝術


展示燈光設計|瓦豆 WEDO Lighting



聲音設計|許家維 質地有聲製樂所 Audio Textural

文案編輯統籌|RE:LAB.cc 、接下來工作室

行銷宣傳統籌|好合製藝 SoMatch


展場攝影|丰宇影像 Yuchen Chao Photography

活動攝影|April Chang


參與企業品牌|台灣康寧顯示玻璃股份有限公司/台灣玻璃工業股份有限公司/華夏玻璃股份有限公司/春池玻璃實業有限公司/新竹市竹塹玻璃協會/新竹市風城藝術玻璃作家協進會/彡苗空間實驗 seed spacelab co./tittot琉園/向罕設計/messagingleaving/東光玻璃儀器企業社/Äi Äi ILLUM LAB 曖曖。內含光實驗室/卡塔文化工作室/集雅手創坊/ZIAI Studio 自愛/TG/TOAST Living/HMM/JIA Inc. 品家家品/春水堂

引言人及參展人|清華大學藝術與設計學系 主任 蕭銘芚/台灣康寧顯示玻璃股份有限公司總經理 何宜修Andrew Ho/華夏玻璃股份有限公司 執行長 廖冠杰/tittot琉園經營管理中心 特助 王小樨/tittot琉園 首席設計師 陳俊維/向罕設計 創辦人 許向罕/messageleaving 藝術家 張家翎/新竹市風城藝術玻璃作家協進會 工藝師 謝明志/新竹市竹塹玻璃協會 工藝師 李蓮春/新竹市竹塹玻璃協會 工藝師 張雅婷/台灣玻璃技術服務部 經理 蕭俊彥/彡苗空間實驗 設計師 曾郁翔/東光玻璃儀器企業社 接班人 陳品翰/曖曖內含光實驗室 創辦人 張葳/透明大百科 總顧問 春池玻璃實業有限公司 副總經理 吳庭安/工藝師 陳建志/工藝師 丁右尉


特別感謝|九水印刷 David游大緯/承富創意整合行銷有限公司/展覽籌備協助 黃博暄、張雅芸、魏岑芳、彭梓嘉/佈展協助 劉尚澤、Shiau Bai Chen、曾薪原、Wingc Cys、Chan Pui Ching



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