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我們在文化裡爆炸|台雜當道 – 展區規劃

《 粉紅小北 》



統整這些有著細微相異的色階,希望在這個梳理過後的粉紅商場裡,以有別於傳統東方的紅色,提出一項全新的「小北粉紅色票」── 一個屬於庶民的粉紅美學報告。

臺雜當道合作團隊: DHHs 東海醫院、 PiliWu-Design​、Studio Shikai、 22 Design Studio​
主題館展覽策劃執行:格式 InFormat Design Curating​

2017 Taiwan Creative Expo

  • Designers Meet Taiwanese Local Grocery Store

In Taiwan, we don’t really lack of new designs, but relative difficult to push the aesthetics into public’s life, which means there is a huge gap between design and reality in Taiwan. In this exhibition, four designers reverse the design process, research what the Taiwanese lifestyle is by diving into Showba Life Department Store, an iconic local chain-shop provides all kinds of need to public. With their fresh eye and thought, they curate, hack and give the minimal touch of the existing products which Taiwanese are all familiar with, trying to discover and question what is Taiwanese aesthetics and how can we make it more valuable.

  • For 2017 Taiwan Creative Expo

  • Date 2017

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