Folk:Tie /繫俗台灣



塑膠繩 [俗稱汽水繩],是一個標準工業化下的廉價製品,臺灣在早期是塑膠製造業的王國,早已使用了一段時間。這種飽和的朱紅色塑膠繩,是臺灣非常特殊的顏色,它反應著臺灣經濟發展的過程與臺灣人做事的態度與精神。



Taiwan is a very interesting country, having a very “rich” form of society due to the complicated political and racial relationships. When people emphasize on “Taiwanese cultural creativity”, are they talking about the magnificent China of the National Palace Museum, or the precious jade-made antiques?

Maybe we all had our visions too far away and had our eyes blindfolded, unconsciously ignoring the essence and value that Taiwan once had.

Plastic strings are standard low-cost industrial products, and in addition to Taiwan being a plastic kingdom, plastic strings have been used for decades, whether it’s used in street vendors or for store… it’s everywhere. There are many kinds of plastic strings available on the market, but this unique red strings with saturated color is special to Taiwan, it is more than a colored string, it also represents the process of Taiwan’s economical development, as well as Taiwanese people’s attitude and spirits.

After taking some time to experiment the material’s characteristics, its original meaning and uniqueness of quickly fastening objects is kept, and used to be wrapped around handmade china vase and dishes which are being forgotten as a result of mass production and industrialization. Plastic strings are tightened and shaped after being placed in an oven at 200°C, forming the outline of traditional china vase. Traditional patterns may be seen through the string’s gaps, yet they are slowly fading away due to the replacement of handmade by machinery.

The strings wrap out a result of cultural values and historical emotions of Taiwan, as if telling the story of the fast changes that the Taiwanese society has gone through.