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Plastic Classic (新台凳),一開始主要是針對台灣文化所做的轉化,想要呈現出我生活在台灣所感受的一種結果。 在台灣,塑膠凳被大量的使用於街道及巷弄,過去的台灣曾是個塑膠產業的王國,塑膠椅早就在巷弄使用了非常久的時間,有趣的是塑膠凳使用,從前至今都沒有人知道是誰設計與發明的,便宜的單價與簡單的結構加上快速的製程,導致非常的普遍,但就是因為過於普及,沒有人注意到這項有趣的”經典”設計。同樣的,圈椅是中華文化傳統家具的另一項經典,優雅傳承的穩固結構,代表著某種權利與地位的象徵。 Plastic Classic這項命名也是希望能重新定義這項我認為unknown的”經典”塑膠凳設計,結合反差昂貴優雅的結構,與大量工業且廉價的塑膠凳,兩樣不具名的”經典”融合成另一項經典,因為歷史與使用背景的不同,成為有力的衝突對比,有趣的也同時結合了高級與廉價的使用背景。 Plastic Classic就是一張看似一體卻各自表述的椅子設計。
In Taiwan, plastic stools are very popular, seen on streets, alleys, and by street food stalls or ban dou (traditional Taiwanese outdoor banquet, seen at weddings or celebrations). Plastic chairs and stools have been present for a very long time, yet interestingly nobody knows about the designer or inventor of plastic stools, but it’s cheap price, simple structure and fast production has enabled its popularity, so popular that it has turned into a “classic” design that nobody has every really noticed. Similarly, loop chair is another classic of traditional Chinese furniture, its elegant and reliable structure represents a certain social status and position. The naming of Plastic Classic, is aiming to redefine the design of such unknown “classical” cheap plastic stool; combining mass-produced cheap stool with a contradicting traditional loop chair of elegant structure and expensive imagery, hence creating a new classic; a strong contrast is made due to differing history and background, as well as the cheap and expensive expression that people already had in mind, Plastic Classic is a chair that has two personalities in one body.
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